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Apysey is an administration panel for your Laravel projects. Build to be used quickly and without effort, with it, you can focus on the most important : YOUR PRODUCT. Save time & coffee.

Image optimizer

When you upload an image from Apysey, we generate multiple sizes. You can broadcast the perfect image and reduce the size of your queries! Available directly in Laravel with a helper or via a secure URL!

Resource Management

We provide a full CRUD interface for your Eloquent models. That includes relations like BelongsTo, BelongsToMany.


Need to manage access on Apysey? Or even in your application? No problem, we integrate a fine-grained permission system. With it you can choose what the user can modify, read, create or delete very simply.

Custom Tools

Don't be limited. You can create your custom add-on or pages for Apysey with VueJS. Expand your possibilities.


Don't bother with the filters. They are already in place in Apysey! You just have to define them in the parameters of a field and use them. Fast and powerful.

Fully Responsive

Don't be stuck on desktop. The design of the generated administration is fully responsive and adapts perfectly to smartphones and tablets. Manage your application from everywhere.

How Apysey works?


First, We invite you to try the demo! All you can see is dynamically render by Apysey from a configuration file. You don't need to write any HTML / CSS / JS code! It's magic isn't it?


We are sorry, it's the most difficult part of the process. You need to create an account, choose your offer and buy it with your credit card. Our partner Stripe takes care of the payment processing and voila! Welcome Home.


In the website dashboard, download the latest version (or oldest if you want after all!) in zip. Following the documentation to unzip it in your project and it's good!


once upon a time ... The End. Yeah ok, not completely finished. Now, I invite you to follow the documentation in order to complete the config/apysey-parameters.php file with your models. It's very easy.

Our Pricing

Save weeks of development. You can use it in your Laravel website or to manage and view your API data. It's like you want! We have also provided an image optimizer to generate multiple image sizes.

So, because we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to improve their everyday life and access great tools, we have offers to suit everyone's budgets!

Indie Plan


Per Project

  • For Solo and Small Team
  • < $20k Gross Yearly Revenue
  • All Apysey Features
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Pro Plan


Per Project

  • For Businesses & Teams
  • Email Support
  • All Apysey Features
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